Nevada (Progressive Balls) – Rules of Play


Nevada tickets are sold singly at $1.00 per ticket.


Description of the game

The Nevada (Progressive Balls) game is played for a $200.00 fixed prize, which then gives the winner a chance at winning the progressive jackpot.


Exit Strategy

The Nevada (Progressive Balls) are sold before and during every bingo session that have enough customers to sell out a full box. As the boxes are sold, they are played at the same time as the full card games. Nevada’s are played during the Super Jackpot, Double Action Progressive and/or Jackpot games.

The $200.00 guaranteed prize is paid to the first person do dab the 3 bingo ball numbers on their Nevada ticket. The caller must verify the ticket serial number as well as the 3 bingo ball numbers with the help of a floor runner and a customer for double verification. Once the ticket is validated as a winning one, the winner must pick a number from 1 to 10 for a chance at winning the progressive prize.

In the event that multiple boxes are sold and played on the same full card game and that more than one series is won on the same bingo number, the winner of the first box sold will get to guess the number first for the progressive pot.

The progressive prize grows by $100.00 per box sold and goes in to a progressive pot for the session the box is sold at. The pots have a maximum of $2,000.00 and when the prize goes over the maximum, a second, third, etc. pot are added until the progressive pots are won.


Prize Money

-The $200.00 main prize can ONLY be won IF the last number in play (last number called) is on the ticket. If the customer has missed a number and does not have the last number called, the Nevada (progressive balls) remains in play until another customer wins that has the last number in play on their ticket. Once each Nevada ticket is verified and deemed as a winner, the caller will then open the hold number and the ticket with the winning hold number will receive a $30.00 bonus prize.

-Once the serial number and 3 bingo ball numbers are verified and confirmed as a winner, those Nevada tickets are no longer valid at any time.

-With these rules, there is NO splitting of the prizes on any Nevada ticket (only single winners for the guaranteed prize as well as the progressive pot prize).


Please Take Notice:

The last number called must be on the winning break open-Nevada ticket to claim the guaranteed $200 Prize